My favourite subjects are landscapes, portraits, still lifes and nudes.

Snapshots from everyday life, staged scenes with models or the beauty of flowers are my sources of inspiration. Intense and close, profound and colourful.  Expression, feeling and the spirit of our time are my keywords.

Through my colours I want to express the immediacy and intensity of my feelings, which often cannot be articulated. I am happy when I am part of the spirit of time through my paintings. Through colours in my representational paintings, I paint my life beautiful. Despite some experimentation with other colour techniques, my prefered technique remains oil on canvas. The consistency of the colours, the possibility of mixing and making changes, suit my painting needs.

My other passion is life drawing with life models. This time I use gouache, pencil and oil pastel in order to be able to combine the speed of drawing the short nude poses with colour. Here, too, the model only becomes lively and exciting for me through the use of colour.

Petra Feber, Munich

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